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Ceo Message

Our success is the result of a devoted workforce and modern technology. We'll keep coming up with new ideas, evolving, and playing our part to make the world a better place! Thank you for being a part of our tale, and I can't wait for the chapters we will pen together in pursuit of success and a healthy world!

Philosophy of Growth

Kummas values continuous improvement, innovation, and adaptation, focusing on adding value to customers and stakeholders. We value learning, embrace change, and promote customer satisfaction, while our dedication to ethics, employee development, and social responsibility ensures sustainable growth.

Unified Team Efforts

This picture shows all the people who work hard at Kummas Surgical—managers and workers alike. We all work together like a team, helping each other out. It's like a big group effort where we face challenges, enjoy victories, and come up with new ideas together. Each person in this photo adds something special to our team, making Kummas Surgical a great place to work. We're a strong and close-knit group, working side by side to make sure we do our best every day. This picture captures the awesome spirit of our team, ready to achieve even more in the future!"










Our dedication to creating a safe and stable workplace extends beyond sterilization, lighting, heating, ventilation, and fire safety at Kummas Surgical. We emphasize our employees' well-being by implementing comprehensive processes to reduce accidents, injuries, and exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Our continuous commitment to a safe workplace is a pillar of our CSR campaigns.


Our healthcare solutions positively impact patient outcomes, contributing to global advancements in the specialized field.

Product Safety

We ensure product safety and quality, working closely with regulators, retailers, and consumers to maintain the highest safety standards.

Employee Well-Being

Kummas Surgical promotes employee well-being through wellness programs, encouraging healthy habits to enhance productivity.

Enviromental Responsibility

Kumas Surgical is reducing its carbon footprint by utilizing renewable energy and advocating for sustainable practices across all industries.


We advocate for policies addressing climate issues through teamwork and collaboration, enhancing our global impact in the fight against climate change.

Child Labour

Our organization strictly prohibits hiring individuals under 18, adhering to international labor standards and upholding ethical practices.

A Journey of Excellence
Founding Year

Mr. Muhammad Khalid Siddique founded Kummas Corporation as a surgical tool manufacturing firm.

International Expansion

We began worldwide expansion, first with the United States and retaining a significant presence.

Certifications and Approvals

Achieved ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certifications, FDA approval, and CE marking, highlighting its dedication to quality.


Mr. Muhammad Khalid Siddique founded Kummas Corporation as a surgical tool manufacturing firm.

Strategic Ventures

We formed strategic initiatives, including an Australian-New Zealand joint venture with German and American businesses.

Global Recognition

Received recognition from Japan's Ministry of Health and China's FDA.

Adaptation to Regulatory Changes

Adjusted its operations to comply with global healthcare industry changes, and align with regulatory requirements in various regions.


The next chapters of the Kummas story promise to unfold with resilience, innovation, and a profound impact on global healthcare.

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