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Commercial sustainability by caring for our stakeholders
Kummas Instruments maintains all accounts i.e. Financial Reports etc. Kummas Instruments aims to be successful and profitable business entity. This is done by looking after all its stake holders i.e. Owners, Customers, Partners, Employees and their needs, Local and Government bodies.

Social objective people
Our Social System
Kummas Instruments judge its employees based on their work and not upon their characteristics or beliefs. Any kind of discrimination based on age, race, religion, gender, working group etc is not tolerated. All Kummas Instruments employees have easy access to approach top management with any complaint or suggestion he/she has.

Our Social workplace
Kummas Instruments is constantly improving its labor safety and standards. Emergency exist and other safety aspects were kept in mind while designing our new production unit. All machinery and tools are checked regularly. Safety equipments are in place and easily accessible. A safety audit is performed every three months.

Our labor policy
Kummas Instruments does not employ workers younger than 16 years of age. Any kind of abuse or harassment is not tolerated at all. Only skilled and trained workers are allowed to work with tools and machinery used in production of our products.

Our wages and benefits
Kummas Instruments pay all its employ fairly or better relative to its industry. Overtime and deductions calculation method is simple and all employees are aware of it. There is a regular increase in pays of old employees. Bonuses and benefits are given on special holidays, occasions or in case of medical or other family needs.

Our worker’s freedom to associate
All Kummas Instruments employees are free to form or join any trade union or group. Discrimination of any employee based on his/her membership with a union or group is prohibited.

Environmental objectives planet
Our care for the natural environment
Kummas Instruments is constantly improving its production procedures to minimize its impact on the environment, save energy and other resources.

Conformance to legislation
Kummas Instruments meets National environment laws for its production premises and processes.

Choice of materials, design and purchasing
In addition to cost and quality, environmental aspects are also considered while purchasing raw material and choosing vendors and service providers.

Waste management
Kummas Instruments is working to reduce waste through the production processes as much as possible. All waste is collected, sent or sold to recycling units.

Use of dangerous substances
All final products of Kummas Instruments are free of any kind of chemical or hazardous materials. We are constantly working to reduce the use of such materials in production as well. In case of no alternative proper instructions, separate storage and labeling is used. Moreover workers using these materials are given sufficient safety equipments and instruction before work.

Our internal communication and commitment
Code of Conduct is an important part of Kummas Instruments communication plan. Code of conduct is posted in various places in our premises. Every new employee is instructed with Code of Conduct and company policies. All employees are carefully watched for any violation of the code. Regular instructions are given by production director and assistants.

Our Supply Chain
All Kummas Instruments vendors, sub-contractors and partners are watched for violation of the code. Raw material purchasing and new contracts are done keeping in mind the company policies and code of conduct.

Our Assurance Process
Kummas Instruments is committed to imply the code of conduct in all company operations. All management staff and workers are informed with their responsibilities. Regular audits and checks are done by Staff, Directors and CEO. Internal and third-party environmental and management audits are performed regularly.

Our ethical policy
Kummas Instruments understands the rule of law, don’t give or take any bribes, refrains from any illegal activity and never supports any of its staff or employee involved in illegal activities. Employees are instructed not to receive or give any gifts or payments to any staff member. Employees are instructed to avoid activities which could conflict with their work or responsibilities to the company.